Who Are We?

tearm rock team with teamWe are a group of evangelical, born-again Christians who have been gifted by God to break boards, bricks, and more. Through breaking, drama, scripture and testimony, Team Rock grabs the attention of audiences, builds instant rapport, and effectively communicates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Members of Team Rock are from all over the United States and are some of the best martial artists in the country. Many hold national championship titles, and some are even record-holders in the USA.

What are the benefits of a Team Rock Show at my church?

3- Impacto de GloriaMany people today are leery of going to church. A Team Rock show is a non-intimidating and thrilling way to bring them through the doors. If your church has struggled with reaching youth, this show is a great way to introduce them (and adults) to the Gospel and connect new believers to your church for further discipleship.



The crowd loves itWhat age group does Team Rock Serve?

Our focus in on youth; however, you can expect to see people of all ages making decisions for Christ. Our program addresses common struggles and issues relevant to spectators of all ages. Topics include work, money, alcohol, addiction, cheating, bullying, the future, judgment, abuse, worry and God’s love.

What is a Team Rock show like?

Martial Arts demo with girlOur shows range from 60 to 90 minutes. After an explosive start of high flying displays of acrobatics and breaking, we demonstrate how every struggle in life is dealt with in God’s Living Word, followed by testimonies of God‘s love, forgiveness and protection. The audience then experiences God’s power and love through an emotional drama, and ultimately they are invited to turn their lives over to Christ – to let Him break the power of darkness and free them to live a life of hope, healing and freedom.

Does Team Rock offer follow-up?

2-HaitiYes. We desire to develop relationships with those who respond to the Gospel. People will have the opportunity to contact us via Facebook or our website. The local church, however, is the best place for fellowship and discipleship. If your church desires, Team Rock is equipped with materials to assist new believers with their questions.


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Can Team Rock do outdoor shows?

Yes. We are equipped with hydraulic staging, truss, outdoor sound and lights. We are open to sharing our stage with other acts for your event as well.

Is Team Rock willing to go into the schools to promote a ministry show?



Does Team Rock have a non-evangelistic public school program?

Yes. This team of martial arts experts has been wowing audiences around the world with high-flying, jaw-dropping performances that showcase an extraordinary display of extreme breaking and theatrics. Also incorporated into the show are issues such as bullying, overcoming fear of failure, etc.

Our church would like to partner with Team Rock, but our facility is too small.

What are our options?

There are a number of accommodations that can be made, whether it be an outdoor show or a show in a non-church building. Churches also can partner together and hold the program at a larger church.

Can churches combine with other churches to host a Team Rock show?

Yes. We can do a joint show, or offer shows on consecutive nights in different areas of your city to reach the greatest number possible.

Do we do an altar call?

The decision to do an altar call is made by the hosting ministry or church. Our altar call gives spectators the opportunity to surrender their lives to Christ and enter into a saving relationship with Him. We invite those making decisions for Christ to simulate breaking free of the bondage of Satan and no longer walking alone by breaking a board – a physical reminder of the decision they made that they can keep.

Our church is unsure of how to do follow-up / We don’t have materials to do follow-up:
Our vision is that our show provides a way to bring people in, introduce them to the Gospel, and then churches follow-up with those who make decisions for Christ. We are happy to provide materials for your church to use, and we have an online blog for new believers to chat anytime, which enables us to maintain a relationship with them, but the local church’s commitment to follow-up and discipleship will be a huge factor in mentoring new believers to a mature faith.