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IA State Jason Victory from backFairs/Festivals/Stage Shows
Need a firecracker performance for your event? Team Rock’s explosive yet comedic show dazzles audiences everywhere. This jaw-dropping extreme breaking show will have the crowds raving and coming back time after time!


Possible School eventSchools/Libraries
Is picking an entertainer for your school assembly or library program a bit daunting? Try out the ultimate attention grabber, Team Rock’s fast-paced, high-energy performance! This program engages students and, as educators, you know that is when they learn the most! Woven in the program is a no-nonsense message about making right choices, taking a stand against bullying, and encouraging kids to not let the circumstances that surround their life dictate who they are or who they are going to be.


Looking for top-level entertainment that doesn’t make you cringe? Explore the possibilities of a clean, motivational show that will be all the buzz around the water cooler! We tailor our program to your specific needs, whether it be entertainment during a training seminar or a program for your annual dinner!



Churches/Youth programs
What would happen if kids suddenly wanted to go to church? It’s happening everywhere we go! Team up with Team Rock to provide an awesome show that not only entertains, but introduces kid to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Kyle FireCamps
Be amazed as this fast-paced show keeps your campers on the edge of their seats! Our approachable team members do activities alongside your campers each day. Team Rock offers programs teaching self-defense, cardio martial arts, and esteem-building skills.


PRIME Impacto de GloriaMissions
Whether you are in the United States or overseas, Team Rock’s desire is to help you effectively communicate the Gospel to the culture you live in. We are equipped to travel virtually anywhere with the equipment and materials needed to reach the people you serve.


1- Fair

Detention Centers
Do the kids in your detention center need a life change? It’s real, happening overnight, and lasting a life time. It is possible and we can help knock down the emotional walls to allow for open hearts and minds to change!


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